Energy Audit

Energy audits allow our company to understand and analyze your buildings energy consumption trends. Audits are required to get an overall benchmark of where and how your building uses energy.  After we compile all of the bench marking data we will propose an energy efficient plan aimed at reducing the amount you spend on energy each year.


Energy Efficiency

Integrated Energy Solutions LLC looks at facilities assets from the perspective of maximizing the latest in energy use management to provide a blueprint to our customers delivering them to the “integrated energy use” scenario which fits their overall business strategy. Our integrated energy use scenario reduces the amount of energy consumed which, in turn, reduces the amount of money the facility owner spends.

Project Financing

Our experienced team of project developers will assist in all aspects of acquiring financing for your energy efficient plan. One of our developers will be able to walk you through in step by step fashion how to receive the money needed for your project. We have partnered with private financiers as well as the CT Green Bank and other state run finance programs.

Renewable Energy

We are committed not only to energy efficiency but also offsetting your energy usage by installing various types of renewable energy systems.  We will perform on‐site visits in order to fully understand and design a complete renewable energy system that makes economic sense for your facility.